Welcome to Torey’s Treasures, a blog where I express my love for all things fashion, fitness, and living a healthy + positive lifestyle. Founded in 2015 as a “summer hobby”, managing and creating content for my blog and Instagram has quickly turned into a passion of mine!

Your typical Torey’s Treasures reader is the everyday woman: she loves to stay updated with the most recent affordable fashion trends, and likes to read about tips on a healthy, balanced, and fitness centered lifestyle.  I hope by following Torey’s Treasures it will encourage you to create a passionate and quality life that you value, and will motivate you to celebrate the little treasures in your life.


I am an elementary school teacher by day, and a blogger by night, weekends, and summers. Based in Santa Barbara, California I am constantly inspired by my surroundings! You can read 28 things you might not know about me, here. Thank you for stopping by and following my journey!

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