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Today is officially my 28th birthday, and it’s almost too hard to believe! I woke up feeling the same (haha), but realized that I’m definitely closer to 30 than 25 now…yikes! With that being said, I’m actually really looking forward to this year and truly believe that age is just a number!

In yesterday’s blog post I shared my birthday wishlist and today I’m excited to get a little more personal and share 28 things you may not know about me today on my 28th birthday! If you’ve been following me on Instagram you may already know just a couple of these little facts, and if you just follow me here on Torey’s Treasures, I’m excited to open up to you so you can get to know me better!

Here we go…

  1. I’m the type of person who always has to be doing something, always. I never find myself watching TV, or just hanging out, I have to keep myself busy 24/7.
  2. My nickname growing up from my family was “Boogs”. My older brother claims it’s because I picked my nose (sorry TMI), but obviously that’s not true. Whatever the meaning behind it, it stuck and to this day my brother and dad still call me Boogs.
  3. I originally started Torey’s Treasures as a hobby during the Summer to keep me occupied (see #1) and am so happy to see how far it’s come now! Thanks to readers like you 😉
  4. I absolutely HATE tomatoes. I will eat ketchup and salsa, but can’t stand tomatoes.
  5. I was diagnosed with Melanoma about 2 years ago (read the post here), and ever since have been terrified of the sun. I’m extra careful about wearing sunscreen daily and try to stay out of it as much as I can.
  6. I am afraid of the dark. You can even ask my roommates! I always tell them when I walk outside to our laundry room at night, to send out a search party if I don’t return in 5 minutes.
  7. I consider myself somewhat of an extroverted introvert. I’m very social but rarely go out! I recently read this article and thought it was pretty explanatory.
  8. My dream car is a White Land Rover. (We’ll see how far this teaching salary can take me haha).
  9. A few adjectives friends and family would describe me as are: positive, hard working, kind, happy
  10. I have THE absolute worst eyesight of anyone I’ve met. I first got glasses in 4th grade and contacts in 6th grade. My college graduation present was supposed to be Lasik surgery, however my eyes have continuously gotten worse since then so I have yet to receive the OK from my doctor. I hope I will be able to get Lasik before I turn 30!
  11. I could eat breakfast anytime of the day. Pancakes are my absolute favorite and I will eat an entire stack of them no matter how full I am from my eggs and bacon. My boyfriend can attest to my 2 plate orders at brunch 😉
  12. Speaking of boyfriend, we are in a long distance relationship and have been ever since we met. I went out to Arizona one weekend with a friend and we met through mutual friends at a Super Bowl BBQ. We hit it off big time that day, and have been dating ever since (2+ years)! We switch off flying to Phoenix, AZ and Santa Barbara, CA to see each other once or twice a month!
  13. Growing up I participated in any type of dance you could thing of- ballet, tap dance, jazz, Irish dancing, etc. I even competed in some! That all changed when I went to high school and made the girl’s golf team. We went to the State Championship and received 2nd place!
  14. I make my bed every single morning no matter what. There’s nothing better than coming home to a bed that’s made and crawling in to get cozy at night.
  15. When I hear a song I like, I replay it over and over until I get sick of it.
  16. I broke my arm when I was 2 years old, and the day I got the cast off, I tripped and fell, and broke it again.
  17. I currently have an ocean view from my house and can’t complain 🙂
  18. I workout 7 days a week unless I’m really sick or on a vacation. I love the feeling of being active, even if it’s something small, it keeps me going.
  19. I get hangry if I don’t eat a snack every couple hours. I always have a protein bar or something with me just incase the hangriness starts coming on.
  20. My first car ever was a Jetta- so cliche, but it was the best car which holds some fun memories!
  21. I’m currently a 2nd grade teacher and love it! It’s the perfect age and I get a lot of hugs daily.
  22. 95% of the time I leave the house to go run errands or head to work I forget something. I usually come running back in for whatever it was I forgot and then leave for good.
  23. I write an average of 5 to-do lists daily. I love the feeling of being organized and especially love the feeling of crossing things off my list the old school pen and paper way.
  24. I do not like movies. I never watch them, never go see them, and 100% of the time fall asleep during them.
  25. My biggest pet peeve is the sound of people chewing and eating. It gives me the chills and definitely makes me lose my appetite!
  26. The one piece of jewelry I wear every single day is my gold initial Tiffany & Co. necklace that my parents gifted me once I graduated with my Teaching Credential + Master’s Degree in one year! I love the simplicity and meaning behind it and feel naked when it’s off (which is rare)!
  27. I was voted “Best Eyes” in High School. They are still the bluest eyes I think I have ever seen!
  28. I love all of my Torey’s Treasures readers and want to meet you all with a hug and thank you for reading my posts!

Thank you so much for stopping by to read this post and thank you so much for the birthday wishes! I appreciate all of the love and am thankful for everyone who made me feel extra special today! I’m SO excited to see what this 28th year holds for me and can’t wait for you to follow along on my journey!


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  1. Girl I loved reading this! I came to your blog to see your post about self tanners, and ended up here! Love learning more about you. I’m a kindergarten teacher and love it! Also- I love your story about meeting your boyfriend because my now husband and I met in Austin TX randomly over dinner with mutual groups of friends and dated long distance for almost a year before he convinced me to move to Phoenix😊 So fun that you come so often! Would be so cool to do a meet up sometime! 💗

    1. Jules, thank you SO MUCH for reading! I’m so happy to see we have so much in common 🙂 it’s comforting knowing that on the internet there are others out there who can become our friends! I’d love to chat sometime! XOXO

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